God has made us the way we are but diet and fashion trends have put us in a less enviable position and we are striving to improve our looks.  We can only be thankful that people and institutions like you exist to rejuvenate our bodies which will result in a more positive opinion of ourselves.  Thank God to these advanced surgical and non- surgical procedures, we can come close if not achieve the ideal forms and appearances desired by us and our partners.

You are able to give an informed advice what would look best and how we can achieve this look.  The numerous operations you have performed in the past will assure an optimum outcome of the results we are striving for.  Having seen the results on one of my friends, I can only say WOW!  A new person!  Even at an age that is more than teenager, the appearance is youthfulness.

I had never imagined that this transformation was possible but the result was in front of my eyes with no visible markings of a cosmetic intervention. I sure hope that my pending operation will be similar in execution and success. It will surely reinforce my close relationship with my partner. I no longer have to fear that a (younger) woman might come between us.

I am ready not only physically but also emotionally to re-discover the new me which will be shaped under your hands. The excitement is really overpowering, I can’t stop imagining how it would be for me after this.  Looking at my friend, I wish I can pull the time faster so I can do this sooner with you.   Even my partner, who was not so hot about the idea in the beginning, is now having sleepless nights due to excitement.  I sure am so confident because I have seen the wonderful results you have made.