Video conferencing is rapidly gaining in popularity, and no wonder. Basically, video conferencing allows people to communicate in real time, wherever they are. Can be only two people, or there may be thousands. Participants may organize a meeting or conference, check card, and generally do everything they could do if they were all in the same room. All this is done by transmitting audio and video through the wonders of the Internet.

The list of benefits of using video conferencing is long, but here are some key advantages.  The most obvious advantage is the cause of a big win when people do not need to go.  An average business trip usually involves at least one night in another place, and the costs include airfare, transportation, meals, lodging, entertainment, and the list continues.  If you need a dozen people at a meeting, and add all the costs involved, the total is impressive.

Also, remember that it is not just an expensive trip, it takes time.  So those ten managers need to take two days away from a busy schedule, for example, to attend a half-day meeting at the headquarters.  When video conferencing, can share a half-day, and spend a second day and a half doing productive work in offices.  The use of video conferencing offers significant savings of time and money.

If the video requires a single person or team making a presentation, found in his home. So you can not accidentally leave the table in its largest office in the office – they have everything easily accessible. It also means that questions can be answered fully, instead of the presenter having to return to his office before they can access the required information.

Video conferencing also allows easier for businesses to have access to outside experts.  In a medical environment, for example, scientists around the world meet regularly and compare notes, making it easier to combine their results and accelerate the process of finding answers.  Such cooperation would never happen if the experts were forced to travel constantly to stay updated, because they never had time to do their research.  Cooperation in this level is not only beneficial to the medical profession, and it can be used in almost every profession you can think of.

A benefit somewhat less direct, but a benefit nonetheless, is that employees have to learn the basics of presentation skills and research, to participate productively in the video conference.  This encourages the employee to keep up to date information on their field, they are sure they can answer questions during a video conference, if any.

Video conferencing is also much more personal than a telephone conference.  A high percentage of our communication is through nonverbal cues to see the person who made a presentation that can provide more information.  It also means that visual aids can be used, which speeds up the process to explain certain types of information . No need to wait a whole set of charts show, by fax or e-mail and even printed – you can see at this time.  And if you need additional information, can be removed from the file and displayed without any delay.  If you use video conferencing to meet a potential customer, it becomes much easier to develop a personal relationship, which is an important element in any business relationship.